Secondary Education

At this stage it is important to understand that students are in full transition and they start to see themselves more like young adults. It is a dynamic process, punctuated by physical, emotional and intellectual changes.

Aubrick offers a space where balanced practices to subside cognitive and social capacities go along with those that promote autonomy to reflexive choices.

Our curriculum is designed to ensure academic excellence, attention to individuality and a number of opportunities for artistic expression and sports.

Students not only experience multicultural interaction with Brazilian and foreign peers but are also involved in activities which guarantee citizenship education and engagement to the community.

The technological resources available in the classroom, library and lab make sure students can learn cooperatively and with responsibility, growing up to become Young adults who are ready to act confidently and reflexively in every instance of life.


Year 6 and 9 students take Cambridge International Checkpoint Exam on English, Math, Science and Global Perspectives.

Educational Support and Tutoring

Aubrick offers weekly classes to students who need help to learn Portuguese, Math and English more effectively. Students are divided into smaller groups to develop personalized tasks which take students individual needs into consideration.