Nursery School

The importance of education during Nursery School has proven to be of utmost importance to the development of the human being. Learning opportunities on those early years reverberate for the rest of their lives. At Aubrick’s Nursery School, students are totally immersed in the second language. English is regarded as a first language to communicate until children reach the age of 5. The same goes for activities which provide students with the opportunity to play, engage, explore and get to know more about them and the world around, which are rights guaranteed by BNCC (the national curriculum).

At Aubrick the adaptation process to the school happens gradually and is followed closely by a family member. Our team is ready to help the family at this moment, ensuring a safe environment for students to grow up in.

At Nursery, children have music and PE classes delivered in English. At K4 and K5, are delivered in Portuguese by an expert on literacy.

  • Metalinguistic awareness;
  • communicative sensivity;
  • Creative thinking;
  • Ability to learn other languages.