Primary School

Human Development is way beyond content, books and notebooks. Children cannot stop drawing, painting, playing and singing. However, such experiences go along with new demands and challenges such as learning how to read and write as well as Math principles.

At Aubrick we believe that every skill must be respected and worked with on this period so that the child can fully develop. That happens on both languages, through a Curricular Integration which was carefully planned in order to guarantee the academic excellence and linguistic proficiency both in Portuguese and English.

The work done at Primary Education is based on five main stepping stones:

1. PLAY TIME APPRECIATION - We learn while we play, no matter the age. Our teachers use an array of games and resources to provide students with pleasant and active learning opportunities.

2. ART EXPRESSION - Theater, visual arts, dance and music are used to expand the access to aesthetic experiences and enable the expression of feelings and creativity through art.

3. APPRECIATION FOR LITERATURE - Weekly visits to the library, individual and shared reading sessions and a Literary/Book week with the presence of writers are activities which build effective reading habits and show the importance of literature in Aubrick’s curriculum.

4. MEANINGFUL LEARNING - We elaborate activities that enable students to participate actively in their learning process and make it possible for them to build their knowledge from situations proposed by the teachers.

5.CRITICAL THINKING - Development of questioning and critical thinking for children to be able to articulate ideas, be coherent, compare information and make decisions, always respecting people around them.

Educational Support and Tutoring

Aubrick offers weekly classes to students who need help to learn Portuguese, Math and English more effectively. Students are divided into smaller groups to develop personalized tasks which take students individual needs into consideration.